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Sharka Stuyt | The CEO

Sharka Stuyt is an Executive Coach, group facilitator, change specialist, teacher and motivational speaker. For twenty five years, Sharka has worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations to help them realize their goals and vision. She is passionate about helping companies and individuals attain the next level of success they desire, both professionally and personally.

Sharka Stuyt is passionate about and committed to using her significant talents to contribute to helping individuals and organizations increase and reach their maximum potential.

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Our vision is to inspire, excite and challenge companies and individuals to attain the next level of success, both professionally and personally. We instill belief and provide the tools needed to help our clients achieve incredible, breakthrough levels of performance, change, success and results. Our clients include senior executives, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and individuals who want to achieve more in their career and life.

If you are smart, successful and interested in learning and growing we invite you to engage with us.

What We Do

Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Change Management
Speaking Engagements
Improving lives

What Clients Say

“Why has no one taught me these things before??? I need this awareness to live life!!” C.M. Mexico
“I now have clarity on how to achieve my vision and dreams, thank you!!” J.T. Mexico
“Never learned so much about myself from myself” 
P.J. Mexico
“The most inspiring people to have ever trained me in life skills” J.M.
“Awesome! You were easy to understand, trustworthy, knowledgeable and fun all at once! Great!” G.P Mexico
“This was so inspiring!” C.T. Vancouver
“I did not see what was running my life in a negative way and that I could remove it from my life! Thank you Sharka” C.W. West Vancouver
“Thank you Sharka for opening up my eyes and for helping me believe in myself and in my goals…I am forever Grateful to you.” Helen, Mexico