What We Do

Executive Coaching

Working with a coach allows you to clarify your purpose and better focus on your goals. We work together to identify and discover what opportunities lie ahead for your business, career and life. Coaching will challenge you to help you see things in new ways opening doors to many new possibilities.

Creating Change

With the speed of change today, organizations need to have the ability to respond to change quickly and effectively. Engage with us to learn these new ways to cope with and manage the changes in your organization, business and life. Learn what it takes to shift resistance to change to acceptance and responsiveness.

Leadership Development

Enhancing the quality of leadership within an organization creates a competitive advantage. High-performance leaders sustain success by making strategic decisions, overcoming fear and effectively challenging others. We can help you and your team become better leaders in your organization and industry.

Motivational Speaking

Sharka Stuyt is available to speak at your next event. Add energy and inspiration to your upcoming business meeting, strategy session, training, customer or corporate event. Sharka has a gift of inspiring participants to reach for greatness: to do and be more in their personal and professional lives.

Custom Workshops

We have 18 years experience researching and teaching leadership, performance improvement, organizational behaviour, psychology of success, work/life balance and more. Participants learn practical tools, techniques and skills which they can apply immediately. We can customize any workshop to suit your needs.

Custom Facilitations

Our advanced facilitation approach incorporates experiential learning to ensure longer attention span, storage of information in long term memory, rather than short term and increased engagement, retention and sustainable results. Modules can be conducted in a traditional classroom setup, meeting room or online.

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Engaged Clients

Engaged Clients

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Who We Work With

We work with smart, successful individuals who want to reach the next level in their professional or personal life. They are high achievers who strive to be more effective and productive, in every way. They crave to make a bigger impact, because they know they can. We work with:

  • Leaders, executives, managers and businesses who want to reach higher levels
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to break through to a higher level of growth and success
  • Successful individuals who want to change direction.
  • Individuals who want more alignment between their personal values, talents and work.
  • Those who want to leverage their knowledge and expertise to have a fulfilling work experience and more time with family.