Our Philosophy

We use these four components of the Barrier Matrix process to work through these core obstacle areas:

Unconscious Fears We are afraid to take risks, of losing what we already have, to let go of how we do things now, and we worry about what may or may not happen. Fear makes us freeze and we can’t move forward. We help you conduct a fear trigger map so you can develop strategies to break past these fears and create what you want.
Constrained View of Possibilities Many of us have strong beliefs, assumptions, opinions and judgments about what is and is not possible. To create what you want you need to have an awareness of these unconscious drivers that continue to sabotage your best intentions. We will help you shed light on these unconscious drivers and expand what you believe is possible for you to have and achieve.
Not Enough Time,Energy and the Rest We each have a multitude of justifications and excuses for not creating what we want. We have conflicting priorities and demands that are difficult to manage. We will help you identify your excuse patterns and stories and shift them. We will help you have reduce energy trains, remove incomplete and have more energy to achieve your goals.
Fixating on the Past and the Future
In order to manifest what we want we need to put our minds in the present. To harness our creativity and problem solving ability and to take decisive action now. We will help you gain clarity of mind and intention and have a higher ability to achieve what you want.

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